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351 Sunburst Playboy 106-07_edited.jpg

Architect: EARL COMBS, c. 1965.


Earl Combs designed this home for himself, a striking octagonal composition in redwood that circulates around a double-height space. Eight exterior walls maximize outward views. House Beautiful published a modest encomium in 1966 while in 1970, Playboy prominently featured is as one of its “pads.” The article coyly described Combs as a “bachelor” while not-so-coyly filling every space with beautiful women and “frolicking” heterosexual couples. The voyeuristic interior suited Playboy’s agenda. Bedrooms gaze into each other through louvered openings overlooking the lofted space. Or, as Playboy put it: “Comely visitors prepare to change in the guest bedroom that overlooks the pad’s first floor.”


Photos: Playboy/J. Barry O’Rourke, House Beautiful. Illustration: Ferron Bell courtesy FIPHPS.

351 Sunburst Playboy 106-07.jpg
351 Sunburst Playboy 108-09.jpg
351 Sunburst Playboy 109-10.jpg
351 Sunburst Playboy 108-09 --Plan Detai
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