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Architect: HORACE GIFFORD, 1966. Skylight Loft Addition: HORACE GIFFORD, 1973.

573 Coast Guard Walk is a textbook example of Horace Gifford’s adept fusion of functional requirements and sculptural purity. A cross-shaped plan at the base with a central stairwell dispersed bedrooms and bathrooms for privacy. Upstairs, this cross was overlaid with an octagon to create a great room, an ideal form for communal gathering. Sundecks at each corner inexpensively expanded the living space, critical for the family of eight that piled into this home. In 1973, Gifford added an enormous ocean-facing skylight (recently demolished) that housed a sleeping loft.


The patriarch of this family was one of the creative, eccentric souls that made the Pines what it was, and is. Paul McGregor (1935-2013) is best known for inventing the “shag” haircut, debuted by Jane Fonda in the film Klute (and prototyped on daughter Paula McGregor). He later converted his St.Mark’s Place salon into the world’s smallest roller-skating rink, and eventually into the celebrated Boy Bar. In his later years, McGregor was a flute-playing fixture at Low Tea in the Pines.


Always on trend, Paul McGregor was one of Horace Gifford’s first clients, commissioning a home at 13 Atlantic Walk before moving his growing family to 573 Coast Guard Walk in 1966. This home is still owned by the McGregor family.

Color photo and drawing: Horace Gifford courtesy Christopher Rawlins. Family photos: courtesy FIPHPS.

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