Renovation Architect: HORACE GIFFORD, 1972-74. Décor: Vincent Fourcade and Robert Denning.


607A Shore Walk was commissioned by Arnold Rosenthal and advertising executive Yves Dihé (1941-90). At its heart is a tall, glassy living room with a kitchen and bedroom wing to the west and a guest apartment to the east. A multi-level deck and trellis stretch towards the bay. This was an enlargement of an older home and there were tensions between the architect and the client. As a result, this house lacks the formal discipline of its architectural cousin at 265-66 Bay Walk. But it featured productive experiments like the slanted glass planes that realized their full potential at 529 Sail Walk. An Italian magazine dubbed the home a “parallelpiped,” a prism whose faces are all parallelograms.


Rosenthal and Dihé snubbed Gifford’s austere taste in furnishings for the over-the-top stylings of society decorators Vincent Fourcade and Robert Denning. The most recent incarnation of the home can be seen on the current owner’s web site, 607AShore.com.


House photos: Michael Dunne and Horace Gifford, courtesy of Christopher Rawlins..