Architect: HARRY BATES, c. 1968. Renovation: RAWLINS DESIGN, 2020.


This simple bar-shaped home demands a grand entrance with its wide, symmetrical stair that leads to a heavy-browed entry porch. Glass doors on the south and north elevations capture breezes and views. A guest room and open-air poolside room (since enclosed) reside below. Out back, a cantilevered stair hovers precariously close to the swimming pool. The home was designed by Harry Bates for James Patterson, a textile designer whose vivid palette and needlepoint rugs animated the interior. House Beautiful published the home in 1971.


Renderings depict the nearly-completed renovation and preservation by Rawlins Design.


Photos: Howard Graff. Plans: Mary Ellen Henle. Renderings: Rafael Kalinoski.

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