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1_07.14 LIPKINS_001_Weber.jpg

 Architect: HORACE GIFFORD, 1970.


With its pulsating roofline and thrusting cantilevers, Horace Gifford conjured a discotheque upon the dunes at the Lipkins House. All was bared, with floor-to-ceiling windows across the entire coastal elevation. Control panels operated a futuristic array of blinking, multicolored lights installed by Broadway Maintenance, the clients' street-lighting company. A sunken living area led down to the "cave," a windowless den of electric blue shag-carpeted walls and oversize pillows. Rechristened the "womb" by its owners, it looked like a sex pit but allegedly functioned as its opposite--a solitary and shadowy retreat from the voyeuristic spaces above.


With the aid of original drawings from the Horace Gifford archive, held by Christopher Rawlins, the Lipkins House was restored back to its original condition in 2011.


This home is featured in Fire Island Modernist: Horace Gifford and the Architecture of Seduction.


Image 1 & 2: Michael Weber. Image 3: Tad Mike. Rendering: Christopher Rawlins. Deer: Tom Bianchi.

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3_07.12 Lipkins Beach_Ext2_Mike.jpg
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