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Architect: Unknown, c. 1955. Interior Renovation: Buster Seccia, beginning 1995.

284 Bay Walk packs uncommon grace into its diminutive proportions. One of the original prefabricated homes which was floated over by barge in the early to mid-1950’s, it even has the original kerosene sconces and water pump from the time before the Pines had any municipal services. While most of the barge houses were architecturally undistinguished, this cottage is endowed with giant sliding glass doors that bring the outside in. One slide of the sky-blue barn doors front and back secures the home when not in use.

Buster Seccia, a visual stylist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, purchased the house in 1995. He refreshed the interior with clean white surfaces, streamlined mid-century furniture, and terrific pops of color. The single turquoise tile on the kitchen cabinets is inspired by a Cynthia Rowley mini-skirt Seccia saw while watching “Fashion File.” And the outdoor shower in back is a recreation of one depicted in a 1940’s painting by Paul Cadmus, one of Fire Island’s most famous artists.


Photos: Tom Sibley. Painting: The Shower by Paul Cadmus.

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